You can pay attention to these precautions before unloading

In the process of road transport, the delivery process is especially important for truck drivers, and many disputes about drivers and cargo owners are also present at this time. I have a hard time running, and there is a problem before delivery. This card can be noticed!
What to pay attention to before unloading, let's talk to you today.
You can pay attention to these precautions before unloading
Don't help unload easily
First, do you need a truck driver to participate in unloading?
In general, the truck driver is only responsible for transporting the goods to the destination, and the manner and personnel of the unloading are the responsibility of the owner. Because of the lack of owner and other reasons, the request for the driver to help unload the goods also occurs from time to time, so must be investigated before, and then the driver can choose whether to participate according to their own wishes or physical conditions.
Second, if the truck driver is involved in unloading, there are two issues involved: safety and cost.
Unknown personal safety hazards are inevitable during the unloading process. Therefore, be careful before participating in unloading, so as to avoid disputes in the event of an accident. The cost of unloading is also agreed by the truck driver in advance, because the beneficiary of the unloading behavior is the owner of the goods, so the truck driver involved in unloading has reason to charge the owner a certain fee.
Overweight must first contact the owner and then unload
The penalties for overloading vary from place to place. Some places can be used to pay a certain fine after being overloaded. Some places are not allowed to go directly to the high speed. Of course, some black-hearted cargo owners are still lucky enough to load more on the trailer to save on shipping costs, but this will increase the cost of the truck driver to a certain extent, mainly including additional fuel consumption and fines.
Once you find that you are overweight in the transportation process, you must not first unload the goods and then follow the owner's theory. Most of them will eat closed doors. The correct way is to contact the owner when you find the overload, ask for additional shipping costs, and ask the other party to guarantee the time of arrival, and then complete the unloading.
Damage to the goods refuses to pay the price
Generally speaking, the damage of the goods during transportation requires the truck driver to compensate, but sometimes the black-hearted owner will open the lion and ask for the price. In order to avoid such incidents, truck drivers also need to ask the unit price of the goods before pulling the goods, and clearly identify the handling of force majeure such as natural disasters.
Selling goods by car? Let’s talk about the cost first.
Nowadays, many fresh products are transported by trucks. When the truck arrives at the destination, it will not be unloaded immediately. Instead, the goods will be left on the trailer for on-site sale. Therefore, when pulling products with short shelf life such as vegetables and fruits, you need to ask in advance whether you need to press the car and the cost of pressing the car to avoid letting you be in a passive situation.
The above is the more common disputes that occurred before unloading, and more of them are the behavior of the black-hearted shippers who are breeding the current status of the road transport industry. In order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the card friends, in the case of suspicious problems, must be resolved before unloading, otherwise they will put themselves in a passive situation and it is easy to eat dumb losses.
You can pay attention to these precautions before unloading
You can pay attention to these precautions before unloading