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Three reasons for the braking factor of Van semi-trailer products

Three reasons for the braking factor of Van semi-trailer products

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We know more or less about the transportation situation of Van semi-trailer products. In transportation, we often encounter such a situation that the semi-trailer braking system is not very good. There are many reasons for this situation. Learn more about it. :

Van semi-trailer products

First, the emergency brake valve is the heart of the braking system. One control three, the trailer is only equivalent to one outlet, which meets the air supply requirements of the six sub-pumps, and the two air storage tanks have no separate functions; two control three, Van semi-trailer products are equivalent to two relay valves, and the gas storage tanks supply Air, regardless of response time and braking compliance, the braking force meets the regulatory standards.
Second, the material of the air storage cylinder is poor and the pump valve is scrapped due to rust and pollution. At present, the iron gas storage cylinders used by most manufacturers in the market are very easy to rust and cause damage to the pump valve. A qualified air storage cylinder should have the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, voltage stabilization and cooling. And most of the gas tanks we use are not up to the mark. As a result, the emergency relay valve of the trailer and the brake wheel pump have serious leakage and wear problems.
Third, the difference in layout. One control and three, the air reservoir only supplies air in one position, and the diameter of the pipe is difficult to meet the requirements. When the brake pedal is actuated, the response time is slow and the air supply cannot keep up. Usually, an emergency relay valve (brake king) is used that exceeds the standard air supply, and then the brake locks up. The air supply at the front end is delayed, the air pressure at the middle end is too high, the brakes are difficult to use, difficult to control, and the braking distance is long and locked. In the absence of ABS, the standard and reliable trailer braking arrangement should be two-control-three. Compared with one-control-three, the trailer braking with two-control-three layout provides smoother braking and greatly reduces tire locking. At present, in addition to well-known manufacturers such as CIMC adopting the standard two-control three-control layout, even some export models are equipped with a separate trailer parking brake handle. Almost without exception, other manufacturers adopt the layout of one control and three.
Master the factors that affect the braking of Van semi-trailer products, and take protective measures in time, so you can do it.