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Did you choose the right quality Bulk cement truck tires

Did you choose the right quality Bulk cement truck tires

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The tires most used in quality Bulk cement trucks are marked with the inch tire size, such as 7.50R16LT 12PR, which is the same as the 7.50-16 size. 750: Indicates 750MM section width; R: Indicates radial wire tire; -: Indicates nylon tire; 16: Indicates the diameter of the wheel hub is 16 inches; LT: Indicates light truck tire; 12: Indicates tire level, PR: Indicates the number of layers of tire steel wire; 12 layers and below are called semi-steel tires, and 14 layers and above are called all-steel tires. The tires of blue-brand special vehicles can only use tires with a maximum of 8PR layers.

quality Bulk cement truck

There is also a tire with a metric specification tire size identification, and quality Bulk cement trucks also use tires with this identification. Flat tires are identified by the metric tire size, and these tires are most commonly used in cars. The tire size identification is such as 195/65R15, where: 195 is the width of the tire is 195mm; 65 is the aspect ratio of 65% of the tire;

For example, the specification of a tire is 195/55/R15 85V

195 - refers to the tire width of 195 mm.

55 - refers to the tire aspect ratio, that is, the section height is 55% of the width.

R - means that the tire is a radial tire (the inner layer of this tire is made of a radial tire)

15 - refers to the rim diameter is 15 inches.

85——Load index 85 means the maximum load is 515kg, and the four tires are 515×4=2060kg.

V - refers to a speed class of 240 km/h.