How to choose oil for customized bulk cement truck

Customized Bulk cement truck is a special purpose vehicle and must have a stable supply of goods before it can be purchased. Because this kind of truck transports materials is very limited, unlike high-barrier or flatbed trucks that are not alive, they can still pull other goods. This kind of cement tanker has no stable business, so be cautious. If you have a fixed business, you still need to make more money than running long distances. , after all, this kind of car mainly runs within 200 kilometers, and the profit will be higher, after all, it is a special tanker.

customized bulk cement truck
Choosing the right engine oil is very important to ensure the performance and prolong the service life of the customized Bulk cement truck, but in real life, many truck friends have the following misunderstandings about engine oil:

1. The more viscous the oil, the better

If the viscosity of the customized Bulk cement truck oil is too large and the oil flow per unit time is small, the cooling effect of the parts will be much worse. Correspondingly, if the components are not cooled well, their service life will be reduced. In addition, the oil viscosity is too high and the fuel economy is definitely not good. Therefore, choosing the appropriate viscosity is the greatest protection for the engine.

2. Synthetic motor oil must be better than mineral oil

In theory, synthetic customized Bulk cement truck oil is indeed better than mineral oil, this is an ironclad fact! However, the choice of oil is often not a good choice, but a more suitable one. Some cars are not suitable for using synthetic oil. The viscosity of synthetic oil is too thin and the sealing performance is not very good. For some models with a long age, due to engine wear and some carbon deposits, there will be some small gaps in the internal parts, which are easy to cause No power and oil burning phenomenon, but mineral oil generally has high viscosity and good oil sealing, which will effectively alleviate the phenomenon of oil burning. That's why some cars don't burn oil, but they burn oil instead of synthetic oil.

3. Others do not change the oil often and still drive

Changing the oil of the customized Bulk cement truck on time is not a requirement to ensure that our car "still works", but to ensure that our car is always "good to use". For example, some models require two years or 150,000 to 20,000 kilometers to change the oil, but driving to two years and one month or 21,000 kilometers to change the oil has little impact in a short period of time, but it is overtime or over-mileage for a long time. Changing the oil will more or less cause damage to the engine system.

4. Different brands of oil can be mixed

No, each brand of customized Bulk cement truck oil additives is different, mixing may cause deterioration of chemical components, if conditions permit, we do not recommend mixing oil of different brands. If there is insufficient oil under emergency conditions, you can add other brands of oil with the same label as appropriate, and replace the oil in time when conditions permit.

How to choose oil for customized bulk cement truck
How to choose oil for customized bulk cement truck