Safety operation rules of mounted crane truck

1. Only trained professionals can operate the Mounted crane truck. The operator must be at the console when the truck-mounted crane is running. Other irrelevant personnel cannot enter the operating range of the Mounted crane truck. Lift man with crane.

Mounted crane truck
2. When operating the Mounted crane truck, it is strictly forbidden for the two mechanisms to act at the same time, and the lifted object cannot exceed the load value specified in the load chart of the truck-mounted crane.
3. It is not allowed to lift the load at an angle to ensure that the load is safe and firm. Do not drag or pull the load diagonally. When the load just leaves the ground, make sure that the load has no obstacles in the direction of travel.
4. The Mounted crane truck should keep a certain distance above the high-voltage line in the lifting area.
5. The ground of the site where the Mounted crane truck is operated must be solid and flat, and the ground must not sag during the working process. If it must be on the ground that is soft or on the ground, a support plate must be placed between the outriggers and the ground to increase the bearing area. .
6. The operating ambient temperature should be between -25°C and 55°C. Mounted crane truck is not allowed to be used in the case of lightning, thunderstorm weather or high wind speed.
7. Before starting the lifting operation, check whether the lifting device is in good condition, the goods must be firmly fixed, and the locking device of the Mounted crane truck should be locked.
8. The included angle of the sling (cable) for Mounted crane truck cargo should not be too small or too large, otherwise the sling will be easily broken if the tension is too large, and the sling will be too long if the angle is too small.
9. After the operation, the Mounted crane truck must be fully retracted and locked before moving the vehicle.

Safety operation rules of mounted crane truck
Safety operation rules of mounted crane truck