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Wrong maintenance, let the vehicle halfway, do not enter the maintenance misunderstanding

Wrong maintenance, let the vehicle halfway, do not enter the maintenance misunderstanding

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Each card friend has his own "maintenance cheats", perhaps the old driver taught, maybe a friend told. But for the transportation of time and money, because the wrong maintenance makes the truck halfway, it will not be worth the loss.
If the card friend wants to let his car "get less temper", always keep a good car condition, and quickly come up with a small book record knowledge point.
Wrong maintenance, let the vehicle halfway, do not enter the maintenance misunderstanding
Unscheduled maintenance
Many card friends think that it is okay to maintain this kind of thing, and it is okay to go there when they want to go or have time. As everyone knows, the most taboo of sports cars is this kind of luck.
Belts, pipelines, tires, when there is nothing to check, check the time to 4S shop maintenance. If necessary, buy some accessories on the car, in case you need it.
Good oil does not need to replace the filter
Some card friends believe that the oil with a good point is relatively clean, so you do not need to change the oil filter regularly. Different grades of lubricants will change in oil quality during use, which may cause problems for the engine.
As the oil passes through the pores of the filter element, solid particles and viscous material accumulate in the filter. After the blockage occurs, the engine wear is accelerated and the internal pollution is intensified. Therefore, it is very important to periodically replace the oil filter.
Water tank opener and cold water
The water tank is short of water and the engine is overloaded. When the heat is not good, the truck water tank will be opened. If cold water is added immediately, the cylinder head and the cylinder will burst.
Once the tank is found to be open, emergency measures should be taken to stop the operation and allow the coolant to cool itself.
Intake pipe cleaning is not necessary
The intake pipe is one of the engine intake systems. The card friend often travels in the dusty road condition area. It is easy to accumulate the internal impurities too much, which leads to the unsmooth intake pipe and the engine wear and aging.
The intake pipe should be cleaned regularly to avoid dusty roads. The cleaning cycle can be determined by the air quality in the daily driving area.
Do you have a few of the above maintenance mistakes? Don't forget to take care of your car during the winter, and avoid these wrong ways to bring more lasting companionship.