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Problems that should be paid attention to in the luffing mechanism of customized Mounted crane truck

Problems that should be paid attention to in the luffing mechanism of customized Mounted crane truck

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The luffing mechanism is widely used in the customized Mounted crane truck with the boom of medium or larger size, and the truck mounted crane is an additional lifting equipment installed on the truck. Compared with truck cranes, truck-mounted cranes combine lifting and transportation functions, which not only saves labor, but also saves energy and reduces costs. Due to the technological progress in the design and manufacture of truck-mounted cranes, its production has developed greatly. The luffing mechanism of the customized Mounted crane truck affects the performance of the whole machine and is an important part of the truck-mounted crane. There are two basic structural forms of truck-mounted cranes: folding arm type and straight arm type. The folding arm part of the folding arm truck-mounted crane is composed of a rotating column, a main folding arm and a secondary folding arm.

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These three parts are connected by two hinge fulcrums, and the angle change of each hinge fulcrum is completed by the combination of swing hydraulic cylinder or swing hydraulic cylinder and double rocker four-bar mechanism. The combination of two hinge fulcrums with different angle changing mechanisms constitutes a variety of different folding arm luffing mechanism systems for customized Mounted crane truck.
In order to better study the folding arm luffing mechanism, the folding luffing mechanism commonly used in cranes is classified according to its composition. The way of changing the angle of any hinge fulcrum can be attributed to six forms. The form of the angle-changing mechanism has the following characteristics. One hinge point can be changed by only one swing hydraulic cylinder combination, and the hinge point of the hydraulic cylinder is on the hinge point of the four-bar; the other hinge point is on the forearm or rear arm, and the hydraulic cylinder is placed in another There are upright and inverted.
In the knuckle-boom type truck-mounted crane consisting of a column and primary and secondary folding arms, 36 forms can be obtained through the pairwise combination of six basic angle-variable mechanisms. There are more than ten kinds of commonly used amplitude-variable mechanisms. The customized Mounted crane truck adopts different forms of luffing mechanisms according to different tonnages.