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Maintenance mistakes of quality Van semi-trailer

Maintenance mistakes of quality Van semi-trailer

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First, the tighter the bolts, the better. There are many bolts and nuts for low-level semi-trailer and quality Van semi-trailer, and it should be ensured that there is sufficient pre-tightening force, but not too tight. Tensile deformation of the bolt. This will cause the preload to drop for a long time, and in more serious cases, it will break and cause a mechanical accident.

quality Van semi-trailer

Second, the tighter the drive belt, the better. The engine water pump and quality Van semi-trailer of light special semi-trailer and warehouse semi-trailer are all driven by V-belt. If the transmission belt is adjusted too tightly, it will easily cause tensile deformation, and it will also cause deformation and damage to the pulley and bearing. The tightness of the transmission belt should generally be adjusted so that when the middle of the belt is under pressure, the sinking amount is 3% to 5% of the center distance of the pulleys at both ends.

Third, the more oil, the better. If there is too much oil, the quality Van semi-trailer engine will violently agitate the crankshaft and connecting rod during operation, which not only increases the internal power consumption of the engine, but also causes the phenomenon of oil burning due to the increase of oil splashed on it. Therefore, the amount of oil should be controlled between the upper and lower lines on the dipstick.