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Purpose and Features of Van customized Van semi-trailer

Purpose and Features of Van customized Van semi-trailer

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Customized Van semi-trailer can transport semi-trailer in container and non-dangerous goods tank container structure. The subjective structure of this car is straight beam type or gooseneck type, it is mainly used in the logistics system of ships and multimodal transportation to support ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges and tunnels. The container transport semi-trailer has reasonable structure, high strength and beautiful appearance design. The four container retractors at the front and rear are fixed structures, while the middle container retractors are hideable structures, customized Van semi-trailer for stable quality and reliable performance. Specialized in the transportation of various containers, it can be reused for a long time and has sufficient strength, it can be quickly loaded, unloaded and transported, and can be directly and conveniently changed from one mode of transportation to another .

customized Van semi-trailer

The customized Van semi-trailer is a special transport semi-trailer for transporting containers. In the early days of the development of container transportation, due to the small load, the number of containers was not very large, so ordinary trucks were used to carry them. With the rapid development of container transportation, many countries have successively developed vehicles specially used for transporting containers. The customized Van semi-trailer determines the size of the loading position according to the size of the standard container, and at the four corners relative to the bottom end of the container A twist-locking device for securing the container is provided, specially used for transport semi-trailers for transporting containers.

All four corners of the loading position are equipped with twist locks to secure the container. Generally, semi-suspension, full-suspension and double-suspension styles are used, and most semi-suspension styles are used, the customized Van semi-trailer should be characterized as being able to be loaded and unloaded quickly, and can be changed directly and easily from one mode of transportation to Another mode of transportation, in the intermediate transportation process, can directly replace the goods without moving the goods in the box, which is conducive to the loading and unloading of the goods, can be reused for a long time, and has sufficient strength.