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Maintenance of Van semi-trailer from China

Maintenance of Van semi-trailer from China

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1. Van semi-trailer from China needs to be cleaned after safe driving, but be careful not to use a stiff brush to prevent cracks in the varnish layer, and plastic components such as sunshields should be washed with tap water.

Van semi-trailer from China

2. Unsalted butter is a commonly used grease in the maintenance of Van semi-trailer from China. It can lubricate and seal, but when installing the cylinder gasket, unsalted butter cannot be applied, because it will harm the working characteristics of the diesel engine.

3. When driving the Van semi-trailer from China safely, you should also pay attention to check the tire pressure of the vehicle, because the weather conditions are different, and the harm to the tire pressure is also different. In high temperature weather, in order to better prevent the container semi-trailer from blowing out Turn down the tire pressure, and pay attention to replenishing the tire pressure in autumn.

When the four wheels of the dump semi-trailer slip, the owner will feel that the vehicle rushes forward faster than usual. At this time, we first let the front wheel of the dump semi-trailer find the grip, close the accelerator, do not step on the brake, and tap the clutch lightly. , All movements are as gentle as possible, and let the dump semi-trailer drive slowly until the slippage disappears. When the front wheel of the dump semi-trailer slips, that is, the steering wheel cannot be turned, the Tipper semi-trailer rushes straight forward and stops until it hits an obstacle. At this time, pay attention to wait for the wheel to turn before the steering wheel can be turned until it returns to normal. Repeatedly pressing the brake will make the oil circuit reach an effective working state. During the rainy season, the road surface is often slippery, and the phenomenon of vehicle slippage will increase. If the driver of the dump semi-trailer has such anti-slip skills, the owner and friend can travel safely!