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Classification of road sweeper truck

Classification of road sweeper truck

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The road sweeper truck is a new type of high-efficiency sweeping equipment that integrates road sweeping, garbage recycling and transportation. To put it simply, it is a sweeping model with road cleaning function modified on a special vehicle chassis. In addition to the chassis engine, the vehicle is additionally equipped with an auxiliary engine. Grouped equipment. The road sweeper truck can complete the work of ground cleaning, road curb cleaning, road curb cleaning and watering on the ground after cleaning at one time. It is suitable for cleaning operations in various climates and different dry roads.

Road sweeper truck
The road sweeper truck is generally classified by the way of walking, the way of operation or the way of dust removal, and they are usually classified by the way of operation:
1. Hand-push sweepers and walk-behind sweepers
2. Self-propelled sweeper
3. Pure sweeping sweeper
4. Suction sweeper
5. Pure suction sweeper (multifunctional full suction road sweeper)
6. Dry sweeper (vacuum truck)
7. Wet sweeper
8. Full suction sweeper