What is the reason why the winter trailer relay is frozen?

Recently, the weather has become colder and colder, and there is always a reaction from the owner of the trailer that the trailer relay valve is frozen. It is suspected that the backflushing effect of the drying pipe is not good, and the drying pipe is changed to an independent backflushing type dryer.
However, from the fault performance and the temperature measurement of the air inlet, the failure of the frozen trailer valve has little to do with the form of the dryer. His dryer inlets often exceed 70 degrees, and the upper limit of the dryer inlet temperature is 65 degrees. Only the intake air is within this temperature to ensure efficient operation of the dryer. Therefore, it is not completely in the backflushing form of the dryer, and the intake air temperature is too high, which is the core cause of the failure of the freezing valve. Here only need to increase the spiral tube to reduce the temperature of the dryer inlet to cure the freezing valve failure.
What is the reason why the winter trailer relay is frozen?
The air dryer is basically an original standard on the air brake truck. Its function is to let the compressed air remove moisture and become dry air to ensure the dryness of the truck brake gas. It will cause brake failure and brake drag due to moisture in the air condensing in the pump valve.
The dryer is like a sponge and will lose its effect after it has been saturated. So what is the way to remove the moisture on the dry particles like a sponge, to extend the life of the dryer?
The main ingredient in the drying tank is a lot of particles that can absorb water. These particles can be understood as sponges that are common in life. As you can imagine, after the sponge is full of water, it has to be wrung out before it can absorb water.
The same is true for the particles in the drying tank. If the absorbed water is not removed in time, it will quickly absorb the water and lose its effect.
So how do you achieve the purpose of removing water? After the compressed air reaches the specified pressure and the unloading valve is unloaded, the dried air is used to blow the drying tank in turn to remove the water. This is the backflushing on the drying tank. Regeneration device.
The backflushing form has two purposes:
One is independent cylinder backflushing
There is a separate small gas cylinder of 5 liter capacity, which is connected in parallel to the air outlet of the dryer. When the cylinder is pressurized, the small cylinder is also inflated at the same time. After the specified air pressure is reached, the dryer is relieved of pressure, and the dry air in the small gas cylinder is in turn passed through the dryer to blow out the moisture inside. This form of backflush regeneration is well recognized, and it is only necessary to find the small gas cylinder along the gas path.
The other is to use the vehicle's own cylinder
After the dryer is unloaded, a part of the dried air backflush dryer is returned. Using the backflushing type of dryer, there is a return valve on the dryer valve body, and after unloading, on the barometer It can be seen that one of the barometers will drop the pressure of about 50kpa, which is the process of backflushing the cans with the pressure of the own cylinder.
Both backflushing methods are designed to achieve the same purpose and extend the life of the dryer and make the dryer work more efficiently.
However, many car friends have this device, and also regularly change the drying tank. Why is there still water in the gas path? The winter air brake pump valve is frozen, not without braking, or the brake is not returned. These two faults seriously affect the safety of driving. Many card friends do not seriously analyze the root cause of the fault, blindly replace the dryer, causing their own economic waste, and the elimination of the fault will not help. Here we hope that the card friends can correctly and seriously analyze the cause of the failure, and do not blindly replace the modification.
What is the reason why the winter trailer relay is frozen?
What is the reason why the winter trailer relay is frozen?