The reasons for the popularity of tipper semi-trailer

The reasons for the popularity of tipper semi-trailer:
1. The product itself has great advantages
Why is the tipper semi-trailer market so hot today? Here is a side-by-side comparison of the tipper semi-trailer with a traditional 8×4 dump truck.
The tipper semi-trailer is generally a 6×4 tractor + three-axle tipper semi-trailer, with a total weight of 49 t. After removing the 15 t self-weight, it can transport about 34 t of cargo. The price of the complete vehicle is about 400,000 yuan. The transportation cost performance is as high as 0.85. In contrast, the total weight of the 8×4 dump truck is 31 t, except for the self-weight of 13 t, the transported cargo volume is about 18 t.
Obviously, the transportation of tipper semi-trailer is more cost-effective and has the necessary conditions for customer preference.

tipper semi-trailer
2. Infrastructure projects are operating at a high level, forming a huge market base
Products with advantages also need corresponding market support. In the case of the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, in order to stimulate domestic demand, domestic infrastructure continued to operate at a high level. As a basic material in construction materials, sand and gravel raw materials accounted for a large proportion, which greatly boosted the high-level activity of the sand and gravel industry. , providing market support for the tipper semi-trailer market.
3. The strict governance of overload has formed a driving factor for market activity
The strict control of overloading makes it impossible for users to transport overloaded vehicles. When the single-trip transportation efficiency of vehicles decreases, more vehicles are required to supplement to meet the demand for goods, thus stimulating and promoting the booming of the tipper semi-trailer market.

The reasons for the popularity of tipper semi-trailer
The reasons for the popularity of tipper semi-trailer