Characteristics of a quality dump semi-trailer

Recently, the demand for quality dump semi-trailers has increased sharply. Many new owners need to understand thoroughly before buying a car. So what are the good characteristics of a quality dump semi-trailer?
First of all, the structure of the vehicle design should be reasonable, and the center of gravity of the chassis should be selected as low as possible. According to the type of cargo, road conditions and nuclear load of the quality dump semi-trailer, systematic planning should be carried out to meet different usage conditions. Then there is the steel. The steel is divided into high-strength, manganese steel, ordinary steel, etc. Among them, the high-strength is divided into 700, 900, 980 and other models. Its durability and strength also gradually increase with the increase of the label. The steel needs to use the national standard model of the regular manufacturer.

quality dump semi-trailer
The cargo compartment is welded by manipulator, which greatly improves the welding consistency. The welding seam has the characteristics of high penetration, full forming, beautiful and reliable characteristics. After welding, the surface needs to be sandblasted to remove rust, etc. The coating adopts electrostatic spraying to better increase The adhesion of the paint, the spraying of the paint is uniform, and the coverage is comprehensive.
The dumping industry also follows the principle of light trucks and more goods, but considering the particularity of the working nature of quality dump semi-trailers, it must not be blindly lightweight, and it still needs to comply with local regulations and policies.
In addition, the lifting hydraulic system should be stable, and the design of the cylinder lifting angle, oil circuit and air circuit should be reasonable.
Quality dump semi-trailers are no longer a new thing. To choose a manufacturer with formal qualifications, even if the cost may be high, after all, it is a long-term use, and ensuring the reliable operation of the quality dump semi-trailer is the premise for car owners to obtain stable income.

Characteristics of a quality dump semi-trailer
Characteristics of a quality dump semi-trailer