User Manual of Bulk Cement Truck

User Manual of Bulk Cement Truck:
1. Do not run at overspeed or overpressure when driving a bulk cement truck. Overspeed and overpressure will seriously damage the air compressor. The maximum speed of this machine is shown in the main technical parameter table, and the working pressure is 0.2MPa.
2. Do not start or stop the air compressor quickly, but increase or decelerate slowly, otherwise, the punching force will damage the air compressor.
3. Do not change the rotation direction of the air compressor, otherwise, the machine will be seriously damaged if the oil pump does not supply oil.
4. Do not stop the air compressor before decompression, otherwise, the powder material may flow back into the cylinder, causing serious damage to the air compressor.

Bulk Cement Truck
5. Check the oil mark before starting the bulk cement truck. The oil level should not be lower than the lower limit of the oil mark; it is necessary to check whether the oil pump is supplying oil frequently.
6. Change the lubricating oil on schedule. After the new bulk cement truck is used for 30 hours, drain the oil in the crankcase, clean the inside of the crankcase and the oil filter, and then change the oil. Change the oil once a year as above.
7. Check and clean the oil filter. Under normal circumstances, check and clean once a quarter. If the usage rate of the bulk cement truck is high, it should be checked and cleaned once a month.
8. The lubricating oil used in bulk cement trucks is diesel oil. It is forbidden to mix different grades of lubricating oil, otherwise the deterioration of lubricating oil will affect the lubricating effect.

User Manual of Bulk Cement Truck
User Manual of Bulk Cement Truck