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Structural characteristics of quality bulk cement trucks

Structural characteristics of quality bulk cement trucks

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With the continuous development of social economy, the construction industry is also booming, and quality bulk cement trucks are also widely used.
Quality bulk cement truck is composed of special vehicle chassis, quality bulk cement truck tank, gas pipeline system, automatic unloading device and other parts. It is suitable for bulk transportation of fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali and other powder and dry materials with a particle diameter not greater than 0.1mm. The body of the quality bulk cement truck is made of high-quality steel, and the tank has a reasonable layout. There are three feeding ports on the top of the tank. Open the lid of the feeding port to add materials to the tank. The width of the fluidized bed in the tank is moderate, which can effectively shorten the unloading time and improve the volume ratio of the tank.
Quality bulk cement trucks can save a lot of packaging materials and labor costs, and actually bring benefits to the owners.
It is precisely because of the reasonable design, high stability and superior power of the quality bulk cement truck that it has been liked and favored by many customers once it is launched.