How to add and use car urea?

I have sent so much knowledge about the urea used in the car. I believe that the card friends have already learned some basic knowledge about the urea used in the car. However, it is not enough to only know it. We still have to know how urea should be added and used.
There may be a card friend who dismissed: "How can urea be used? Is it added to the urea tank?" In fact, it is true that urea is added directly to the urea tank, but this seems to be It's very simple to add the use process, there is still a lot of attention.
How to add and use car urea?
Careful crystallization, barrel hose is limited to one-time use
The current urea solution is divided into a barrel and a urea filling machine, but the penetration rate of the urea filling machine is not high, and most of the card friends use a barreled urea solution.
This is the barrel of urea solution, you must pay attention when adding - after opening the sealed lid, try to fill all the solution into the urea tank at once.
Why do you want to do this? The reason is very simple. In order to facilitate the addition of urea solution, urea manufacturers will have a plastic hose with the drum. In principle, this plastic hose can only be used once, because the residual urea liquid will quickly crystallize and stick inside the hose after use. At the next use, these crystals will enter the urea tank and may cause the aftertreatment system to malfunction.
However, things are not so absolute. If you can't add them at once, you can rinse the urea solution left inside the hose with pure water and seal it with plastic bags to prevent it from being contaminated by dust.
The gas-driven urea tank is opened first to deflate
At present, the SCR post-processing system of trucks can be divided into electric drive and air drive according to the working mode. The appearance of the urea tank is very different. The plastic material is the electric drive system, and the aluminum alloy is the gas drive system.
The electric drive system is relatively simple when filling the urea solution, and can be added directly by opening the lid; the gas drive system is slightly more complicated due to the air pressure in the storage tank, and the storage tank sealing cover needs to be loosened three times to deflate until the air pressure is returned. Zero, you can open the lid to add urea. This must be noted, otherwise it may cause personal injury.
Urea tank has filter element, 50,000 km change
Finally, it should be noted that depending on the use environment and the difference between the model and the urea, the aftertreatment system also needs to maintain and replace the urea filter. The common models are usually replaced every 50,000 km.
Of course, the premise is to use a qualified urea solution. If the quality of the urea solution is poor, the replacement mileage of the filter element needs to be appropriately shortened.
How to add and use car urea?
How to add and use car urea?