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Safety inspection of customized fence semi-trailer before driving

Safety inspection of customized fence semi-trailer before driving

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Recently, the temperature in many parts of the country has dropped sharply, and the low temperature, rain and snow will bring a lot of inconvenience to the travel of customized fence semi-trailer. In order to ensure the normal completion of transportation operations in the cold winter, the precautions for the customized fence semi-trailer are very important.

customized fence semi-trailer
Safety inspection of customized fence semi-trailer before driving:
1. Check the engine oil, antifreeze fluid, brake fluid, booster pump oil, oil pipe, bolt torque, etc. of the engine compartment of the tractor, and whether the connection with the customized fence semi-trailer is normal.
2. Check the tire pressure of the customized fence semi-trailer. When the tire pattern is shallow, the adhesion performance will decrease during driving, and replace the tire if necessary.
3. Use designated special glass cleaning fluid, and it is strictly forbidden to use water as glass cleaning fluid. Because the special glass liquid is added with ingredients that dissolve oil stains and improve the glass wetting interface, its freezing point is also far below zero degrees Celsius.
4. There will be freezing phenomenon in winter. At low temperature, the compressed gas just out of the compressor will easily produce water droplets or humid gas when it is cold, resulting in water accumulation in the pipeline and air storage tank. Regular water release in winter is shorter than the interval in summer. It is best to release water once before the customized fence semi-trailer starts to ensure that the brakes use dry gas.