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Inspection content of China fence semi-trailer before leaving the factory

Inspection content of China fence semi-trailer before leaving the factory

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China fence semi-trailer can leave the factory only after passing the inspection. When it leaves the factory, it is accompanied by a product certification. Safe driving is the top priority. In order to prevent problems before they happen, China fence semi-trailer will perform routine inspections on the following items before leaving the factory:
1. Tire pressure
Visually check whether there is any phenomenon of lack of air or debris attached, and then check whether the steel ring has deformation or cracks; when the tire pressure is too high, the wear of the middle part of the tread will intensify, which not only shortens the service life of the tire, but also affects the quality of the tire. The poor grip performance is not conducive to the driving safety of China fence semi-trailers. If the tire pressure is too low, it will lead to tire blowout and accelerated wear.
2. Check the tightness of all nuts, screws and bolts of the suspension
Don’t take this detail too much trouble. You should check whether each screw of the China fence semi-trailer is fastened one by one. In a word, “tires are no small matter”, please remember.
3. Suspension system
Look at the tightness of all nuts and bolts and U-bolts used in China fence semi-trailers.

China fence semi-trailer
4. Check to make sure the outriggers are working properly
When checking the outrigger, shake it up and down a few times, and check whether there are cracks in the welding.
5. Check the wear of moving parts
Check the box boards, lock rods, reach out and touch the box board hinges, box hooks, stakes, container locks and other small parts to see if there are any cracks or breaks.
6. Check all lamps and reflective signs pasted
Check whether the electrical circuit of the China fence semi-trailer is working normally, turn on the lights on the car to see if there are any broken lights, and check whether there is a shortage of reflective signs.