Precautions for daily maintenance of best fence semi-trailer

Lubrication of best fence semi-trailer:
The traction pin of the semi-trailer is a key part of the connection force of the best fence semi-trailer. It is subjected to multi-dimensional space moments, alternating loads and dynamic impact forces during the operation of the vehicle. The force system is complex and the requirements for use are high. After the trailer is newly received, carefully check whether there are bump damage, burrs, welding slag, welding tumors and other foreign objects on the surface of the trailer traction plate. question.
In order to drive safely and prolong the service life of the best fence semi-trailer, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the outriggers, traction plates, and traction pins, and lubricate the wheel bearings on time, which can reduce friction, thereby reducing fuel consumption, and oil viscosity. Use oil with lower viscosity.

best fence semi-trailer
When adding grease to the best fence semi-trailer, the following items should be paid attention to: the refueling utensils and the oiling cup should be cleaned first; when the oil cup cannot be filled with grease, the reason should be checked, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced.
Monthly inspection of best fence semi-trailer:
1. Check whether the leaf spring is broken;
2. Check whether the brakes are normal and replace the worn parts in time;
3. Check the brake drum for cracks or abnormal wear;
4. Check all fasteners, focusing on the fasteners used for outriggers, tires, axles, etc.;
5. Check all the joints and hoses of the brake system for damage, and whether the hose clamps are missing.
Annual maintenance of best fence semi-trailer:
After the best fence semi-trailer has been used for 6 months, a comprehensive inspection is carried out every 12 months to ensure the performance of the vehicle. In addition to the monthly inspection performance, the following items should also be noted:
1. Remove the brake drum and check the brake shoes thoroughly for additional or improper wear;
2. Check whether the brake shoe return spring, brake bushing, camshaft bushing, brake shoe roller, etc. are damaged;
3. Thoroughly check bearings, axle joint parts, and vehicle structure.

Precautions for daily maintenance of best fence semi-trailer
Precautions for daily maintenance of best fence semi-trailer