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How to choose a curtain side semi-trailer

How to choose a curtain side semi-trailer

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The following points must be paid attention to when choosing a curtain side semi-trailer:
First, we must first look at the brand. Manufacturers with annual sales of more than a few thousand units in China, such as Tianjin Sinotruk Huawo Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., as a semi-trailer industry manufacturer, have a certain quality and quality of curtain side semi-trailers. Guaranteed.
The second is to look at the material, craftsmanship and details. For example, these welding points must be scale-like, and then look at the car panels, columns, locks, lock pins, and paint coatings. These details determine the quality of the curtain side semi-trailer. service life.

curtain side semi-trailer
The third is to look at the OEM parts: tires, axles and other accessories we often say. Now there are many top-level axles. Relatively speaking, their quality is also trustworthy. Tires are also accessories, so I remind you that when choosing tires When purchasing and other OEM parts, be sure to choose a big brand.
The fourth point is the price: Of course, if you only want to run for a year or two, you can pursue cheap ones. If you want to use them for a long time, be reliable, and be more economical overall, then you can learn about the curtain side semi-trailer produced by our company, you won't be disappointed.