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How to choose customized curtain side semi-trailers

How to choose customized curtain side semi-trailers

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Friends who buy customized curtain side semi-trailers know that when buying, we should not only look at the price of customized curtain side semi-trailers, but also need to pay attention to its quality. So how can we choose a suitable customized curtain side semi-trailer? Today I will give you a brief introduction.
1. When purchasing a customized curtain side semi-trailer, first of all, check whether the body is intact, and pay special attention to whether it is a refitted vehicle. Secondly, check the manual and various specification certificates, and then check the model and machine model to see if it is a nationally certified product.
2. The vehicle body should be upright, and the hooks at the four corners should be complete; there should be traffic signs and lighting facilities; the connection with the pneumatic brake connector and power plug of the tractor should be reliable. The customized curtain side semi-trailer should have a leaf spring damping device, the spring stiffness should be appropriate, the driving should be stable, the brake should be reliable, and the no-load test can be carried out during selection.
3. The quality issue is what we focus on. Nowadays, many parts have no labels, and many refitting companies still use fake and shoddy parts. When purchasing a customized curtain side semi-trailer, you should pay attention to inspection. If you find that the parts have rust spots, mildew spots, or rubber parts are cracked and lose elasticity, or there are obvious turning lines on the journal surface, they should be replaced.
4. Try to buy customized curtain side semi-trailer products from regular manufacturers. For those "three noes" products without trademarks, factory addresses, and registrations, or products made by repair shops, you should choose carefully. The quality of such products is not guaranteed, so try not to buy them.
If we want to choose customized curtain side semi-trailers, we need to master certain purchasing skills. The quality issue is what we focus on. Another point is, remember to ask for the car purchase invoice, vehicle qualification certificate, vehicle consistency certificate, etc. required materials.