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Precautions for beginners when driving a China curtain side semi-trailer

Precautions for beginners when driving a China curtain side semi-trailer

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With the development of the logistics industry, China curtain side semi-trailers have also been widely used, so for novices, how to drive to ensure their own safety? Let me introduce some precautions for novices when driving a China curtain side semi-trailer:
1. When China curtain side semi-trailer has an emergency brake, turn on the double flashing lights in time to remind the vehicles behind, so that they can avoid by detour and other ways to prevent accidents. If the curtain side semi-trailer fails, the occupants should evacuate the compartment, and place a warning sign 50 meters behind the vehicle, and then check and repair the problems of the curtain side semi-trailer.
2. Pay attention to whether there are pedestrians in the blind spot when turning a corner. Be sure to check the tires before traveling. When reversing, the direction is reversed, drive slowly and return slowly, not too far, keep your eyes on the road, listen to all directions, and don't panic when things happen.
3. When China curtain side semi-trailer is parked, don't be too close to the vehicle in front. If the distance is too close, it will easily cause rear-end collision with the vehicle in front when starting. When parking, you must keep a good distance from the vehicle in front.
4. Be careful not to move the steering wheel too much during driving, because the body of the China curtain side semi-trailer is relatively long, and it may rollover if it is moved too much, and more attention should be paid to creating a surplus space as much as possible when turning, otherwise the vehicle will easily throw people if it cannot pass.
5. If you go out for a long time, it is necessary to check the China curtain side semi-trailer. The inspections include: the half shaft screw of the vehicle, the drive screw, the horn light, and the tire pressure. These are the places where accidents occur.
6. During the running-in period of the new China curtain side semi-trailer, you should always check whether the engine oil, coolant, and battery electrolyte are sufficient, and if they are found to be lacking, they must be replenished in time.