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Instructions for safe operation of quality tipper trucks

Instructions for safe operation of quality tipper trucks

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Instructions for safe operation of quality tipper trucks
1. The quality tipper truck should work with the excavator or loader. Check the water temperature before driving, and start when the water temperature rises to 45°C.
2. Before the quality tipper truck starts, check whether the lift switch or the operating lever of the dump truck is in the off position, and at the same time observe whether the road is clear and send a driving signal, and start in first gear. Then check from the reversing mirror or the rear window of the cab to confirm that there is no abnormality in the car body before changing to the second and third gears to enter normal driving.
3. During the driving of the quality tipper truck, the appropriate gear should be selected in time according to the change of the road surface, so as to avoid the engine from overloading for a long time. It is also necessary to judge whether there is any abnormality between the body and the material by the degree of body sway and the change of the sound of the engine.
4. The loading of the quality tipper truck should be controlled within the rated capacity. Due to often driving on construction sites, sometimes the road conditions are very poor. If overloaded, steel plates, girders, wheel axles and other components will be damaged prematurely, and accidents will also be caused due to increased vehicle inertia and reduced braking performance.
5. Quality tipper trucks are often used for short-distance construction and transportation day and night, so there are many times of reversing. For this reason, it is best to have a special person direct the reversing, and the driver should also choose a reversing position to avoid collisions or endanger the safety of others.