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Maintenance requirements and precautions for tipper truck from China

Maintenance requirements and precautions for tipper truck from China

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Maintenance requirements for tipper truck from China:
1. Load in strict accordance with the regulations;
2. Pay attention to and check the upper and lower supports of the hydraulic cylinder, and observe whether the moving parts and their adjacent fixed parts are abnormally damaged or deformed;
3. Check the hydraulic system for damage or leakage;
4. The oil filling point of the tipper truck from China must be filled once a week;
5. Check the use of accessories, whether the bolts and nuts are loose and tightened;
6. The hydraulic oil must be kept clean, and the hydraulic oil must be replaced regularly and in time to remove deposits;
Precautions for the use of tipper truck from China:
1. It is strictly forbidden to carry out welding, drilling and other operations in any part without permission;
2. Centralized loading, eccentric loading, overloading and full-load dropping are strictly prohibited;
3. Before driving the tipper truck from China, check that the power take-off is closed and the control valve handle is placed in the "down" position;
4. Before lifting the heavy vehicle, make sure that the manual hook, the door opening mechanism, and the flip pin on the lifting side of the side tipper truck have been opened;
5. When the car is lifted, the engine speed is not allowed to exceed 1500r/min, and the car is not allowed to be lifted excessively;
6. Frequently check the working conditions of the components of the tipper truck from China to avoid early damage to the components;
7. When overhauling tipper truck from China, pay attention to vehicle cleaning to avoid vehicle performance degradation;
8. Before leaving the vehicle, check whether the connection of each part is reliable. If there is any looseness or misalignment, it must be tightened and reset.