Many truck drivers are out of the ordinary, taking cars as their home. The car needs to bring a lot of daily necessities and car repair supplies. The old driver is experienced and the necessary equipment is very comprehensive. If you can bring something that you can bring, you can save it in the province, so that you can cope with daily driving life. Can also reduce some unnecessary burdens, Xiaobian compiled a list of on-board items according to the experience of the old driver, for the reference of the card friends who need it.
Do you have the necessary fire extinguishers and other items?
The fire extinguisher extinguished the fire
For this thing, it is not optional, but it must be necessary, necessary and necessary for every car! Important things are said three times!
For car fire extinguishers, we generally use dry powder fire extinguishers, which are mainly used to extinguish the fire caused by oil, gas and so on.
For its usage: 1. Refer the fire extinguisher to the vicinity of the fire location and stand on the upper hand of the fire. 2. Unplug the insurance. 3. Hold the nozzle in one hand. 4. The other hand squeezes the pressure handle. 5. The nozzle is directed at the root of the flame.
Triangle wood saves money and practical good things
It is the ordinary two pieces of wood that everyone says. When the car is parked on a slope, the triangle wood must be placed under the rear wheel of the car to prevent the car from sliding. At the same time, when driving on your own and need to adjust the brakes, you must be sure to stuff the tires with a safety factor of 99%. The method of use is very simple, that is, when the ramp is used, the triangle wood is placed under the wheel.
Hard hat keeps you safe
Hard hats are undoubtedly the best prevention tool.
A meshed hoop with a buckle inside the hat is also a key part of the helmet, because when a high-altitude fall occurs, this part can delay and reduce the pressure transmitted to the head and neck, The important thing is that he can absorb most of the energy brought about by the impact.
Reflective equipment is essential
Reflective vests, cones and triangles are essential for our truck drivers. Reflective materials are made of reflective lattice or high-brightness reflective fabrics, especially in the event of an emergency at night, when we get off the train, Under the illumination of distant lights, it can be seen not only by drivers in the distance, but also by the probability of accidents.
Protective gloves have a set
Our hands are the most precious and versatile tool. For our hands, we use them every day, so the chances of hand injuries increase accordingly.
Since we must protect our hands, we must have something to protect us when we work, that is, protective gloves, which are very useful at key times.
Medical drugs are very important for your health.
The truck driver came to the rain in the wind, often working overtime and staying up late, eating irregularly, and usually need to prepare more commonly used drugs.
Truck drivers eat irregularly, hungry for a meal, many people have gastrointestinal problems, daily gastrointestinal drugs, antidiarrheal drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs must be prepared. The long-distance driver has a large north-south span between the day, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. If you don't pay attention, it is easy to catch a cold, and the daily cold medicine needs to be prepared.
In the summer, if the cab does not open the air conditioner, it is like a steamer. When it catches up with the heat, it is easy to get heatstroke. The antipyretic and antipyretic drugs such as Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid can quickly alleviate these symptoms. However, it should be noted that the drugs such as Huoxiang Zhengqi Water and Ten Drops of Water contain alcohol and should be used with caution. In addition, dealing with the car all day, there is a small bump is also very normal, band-aid, red syrup, gauze and the like also need to bring some.
Rope bundled goods
The goods need to be bundled after loading the goods. In order to ensure the firmness of the goods, we need to use the rope for binding. There are many kinds of ropes, such as plastic ropes, nylon belts, wire ropes, etc., when you buy, you can choose according to what you usually pull the goods, such as steel, wood and other goods need to buy wire rope; For other goods, use a regular thick plastic rope.
Linoleum prevents the goods from getting wet
Some goods need to be waterproof. We need to cover them after loading the car. At this time, we need to use all kinds of rainproof cloth. The more common rain-proof cloths are canvas, South Korean cloth, tarpaulin and so on.