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Recently, the temperature has plummeted, and the winter is coming. The owners are reminded to keep their cars in good condition while paying attention to keeping warm. Winter truck maintenance is very particular, we have sorted out a few points. As long as you do this, you can enjoy the winter!
Winter is coming. What do you need to pay attention to when driving in winter?
Some points to note about winter trucks:
Antifreeze selection
When the temperature is lowered, if the engine uses ordinary water as the cooling medium, the engine will not start normally, and the serious consequences of the engine block freezing will be caused. When selecting antifreeze, the freezing point should be 10 °C lower than the lowest temperature in the area. Different antifreezes should not be mixed.
What should I do if the wiper freezes?
In winter, there are many rains and snows, and it is necessary to develop the habit of setting up a wiper after parking. Prevent the rain and snow from freezing in the middle of the night.
If the wiper is frozen, please do not use hot water to pour it. It is even more difficult to directly activate the wiper to remove the ice layer and snow from the glass. This method can not only achieve the purpose of deicing, but will damage the wiper.
The correct way is to turn on the air conditioner inside the car, and then wait for the ice layer on the front glass to melt. If there is a special deicing shovel for the car, it is better with deicing.
Winter roads are easy to freeze, pay attention to tire slip
One of the obvious changes in winter compared to summer is that road conditions are getting worse, especially in rain and snow, and roads are prone to freezing. The maintenance of the tires should pay attention to the removal of stones or debris in the pattern. If there are too many impurities in the tread, it will affect the anti-skid ability of the tire.
By the way, everyone is reminded that the replacement of the tires must pay attention to the matching of the models. Especially the matching of patterns. Because the different tires have different anti-slip ability in the horizontal and vertical directions, the difference will be more obvious in the icing section. When the vehicle is in emergency braking, the difficulty of controlling the uneven force will increase, which is prone to danger.
In the face of slippery roads, many vehicles have replaced the snow chains. As with the tread pattern, the installation of the snow chain should also pay attention to the symmetry. After driving out the snow and ice section, it should be removed in time to protect the tires and save fuel consumption.
Tire maintenance
When winter comes, the ordinary road surface becomes hard and slippery, which is easy to cause rear-end collision and steering out of control. Therefore, in winter, the tire pressure should not be too high or too low, the tire pressure is too high, the grip of the tire is reduced, the vehicle is easy to slip; the tire pressure is too low, the tire wear is intensified, and it is best to inflate according to the tire tire pressure standard.
Cold winter weather, it is especially important to master the correct vehicle maintenance method. The most important thing is to use the truck-specific maintenance tools for maintenance during maintenance. It is simple, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving! If you have any other good methods, please leave a message in the comments section below. Leave a message!
Brake system inspection
Be sure to check the quality of the brake fluid, whether the pipeline is aging and air leakage, whether the air tank drying tank is effective, prevent the water in the compressed air from freezing, and check the thickness of the brake pad.
Diesel selection
Many drivers have encountered in the winter that the vehicle is unable to drive normally or even start due to diesel waxing. If adding gasoline to diesel fuel has an impact on engine life, we need to select the right grade of diesel based on the minimum temperature of the vehicle's environment.