Tianjin Sinotruk Huawo Automobile specializes in producing high-quality fuel tank trucks

Fuel tank truck, also known as mobile fuel truck, computerized tax-controlled fuel truck, fuel tank truck, fuel truck, fuel truck, fuel truck, petroleum truck, edible oil truck, is mainly used as petroleum derivatives (gasoline, The transportation and storage of diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar. According to different purposes and use environments, there are multiple fueling or fueling functions. Fuel tank trucks have the functions of oil absorption, pumping, and multiple oil dispensing and discharging. The special part of the oil truck is composed of tank body, power take-off, transmission shaft, gear oil pump, pipe network system and other components. The pipe network system is composed of oil pump, three-way four-position ball valve, two-way ball valve, filter screen and pipeline.


Fuel tank truck operation:

1. In order to ensure the fuel tank truck is clean, the oil tank and the oil delivery system should be cleaned regularly, and the internal and external joints at both ends of the oil delivery hose should be regularly coated with lubricating oil. The fuel tank truck is easy to disassemble and assemble. After each work, the tubing should be cleaned in time to ensure the cleanliness of the tubing.

2. The use and maintenance of Fuel tank truck oil pumps shall be carried out in strict accordance with its operation and maintenance instructions.

3. Before refueling operations, you must use a power pole to insert into the wet ground, the fuel tank truck ground tape should be grounded, and the static electricity should always be maintained during the operation.

4. Fuel tank truck safety valve and filter net should be checked and cleaned frequently.

5. Oil tanks and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. Fuel tank truck regularly checks whether the joints of the pipeline system are well connected and the sealing is reliable.

6. The fuel tank truck should be installed with electrostatic belt according to the specifications. When the static electricity encounters the extremely high concentration of combustible gas remaining in the car, it will explode. The electrostatic belt will frequently rub against the car body and the space where static electricity is easy to generate can be effectively removed. Static electricity hazards to ensure that the body is not harmed.


As a professional fuel tank truck manufacturer, SINOTRUK has always insisted on manufacturing high-quality fuel tank trucks. Sinotruk has always insisted on implementing independent innovation, implementing a technology-leading strategy, and establishing core competitiveness with intellectual property rights. It has the most patents in China's automobile industry. China National Heavy Duty Truck R&D Center is one of the earliest national-level enterprise technology centers in China. It has a testing laboratory certified by the China National Laboratory Accreditation Committee (CNACL), capable of developing and testing complete vehicles, engines, parts, material technology and others Comprehensive R&D and testing capabilities. In terms of processing, experiment and testing, it is equipped with a variety of the most advanced and precise equipment, among which the equipment related to engine, vehicle, vibration and strength testing of parts has reached the world-class level. The National Engineering Research Center for Heavy Trucks, approved by the state, was inaugurated in 2009 in Sinotruk. Since then, it has been playing a vital role in the development, demonstration, promotion and technical support of China's heavy truck industry.

Tianjin Sinotruk Huawo Automobile specializes in producing high-quality fuel tank trucks
Tianjin Sinotruk Huawo Automobile specializes in producing high-quality fuel tank trucks