How much does the concrete mixer truck cost?

The prices of concrete mixer trucks are mostly different, ranging from tens of thousands, 100,000, and 200,000. The specific price differences are reflected in the following aspects.

Concrete mixer truck

1. Concrete mixer truck mixing tanks are of different sizes: the mixing tanks of concrete mixer trucks currently on the market range from 1.2 cubic meters; 1.8 cubic meters, 2 cubic meters, 3 cubic meters, 4 cubic meters, 5 cubic meters, 6.5 cubic meters, and the mixing tank sizes are different , The price of Concrete mixer truck will be different.

2. The configuration of the concrete mixer truck is different: if some customers are located in areas with more mountains and there are many detours, they need four-wheel steering function and flexible turning; for example, some customers are located in plateau areas and need to be equipped with special engines for plateaus to avoid power Insufficiency affects the operation and avoids engine damage; for example, some customers often work in construction, and the construction site is narrow and difficult to turn around, requiring the 180°rotation function of the cab.

3. The concrete mixer truck manufacturers are different: because of its strong practicability, concrete mixer trucks are more and more widely used in engineering projects, and there are more and more manufacturers, including various small factories, which use price wars to win users’ attention , In general, the market is rather messy.

Only a few issues have been listed above. Of course, there are other different configurations required for different construction sites and job types of concrete mixer truck customers, so the price of concrete mixer truck will also be different. The mixer truck technology of large factories is mature, and there is a big gap between the production process and the materials used in the small factories. Therefore, the customers of mixer trucks need to conduct on-site inspections when choosing concrete mixer truck manufacturers, and pay attention to the quality of the big factory rather than the price of the small factory. In terms of cars, quality and after-sales service are the most important. If you pay attention to the low price at hand and ignore the quality and service, there will be many problems in the later use process.

Concrete mixer truck is flexible in operation, suitable for small space operations, energy-saving and labor-saving. It can operate in areas short of water and electricity. Nearly a thousand customers have a guaranteed reputation. We provide a full set of trade and export-related services. Welcome to consult.

How much does the concrete mixer truck cost?
How much does the concrete mixer truck cost?