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Refrigerated truck cargo loading precautions

Refrigerated truck cargo loading precautions

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Refrigerated truck has a lot of precautions in the use process, and the delivery is one of the most important aspects. Refrigerated truck manufacturers will now briefly talk about the related matters.

1. The stacking height of refrigerated truck goods cannot exceed the standard height limit, and overloading is strictly prohibited

   In order to reduce the number of transportation and reduce costs, some people go back to pile up as much goods as possible, even exceeding the standard limit. Please note that the load capacity of each Refrigerated truck is limited. Once it exceeds the standard line, it will easily roll over or be damaged. Therefore, we must remember not to exceed the height limit when using a refrigerated truck.

2. Make sure the temperature is not too high before loading the Refrigerated truck

   Keep one thing in mind: Refrigerated trucks are designed to keep the temperature at a lower temperature, allowing food to be stored for longer. When many friends transport food, they usually put the warmer food directly indoors and let it cool down. The heat from the overheated food has a great loss to the refrigeration device, which will affect the final refrigeration effect, thereby affecting the normal service life of the Refrigerated truck.

  To ensure that the Refrigerated truck can finally transport the goods to the destination well, we must understand the various precautions during the loading period to ensure the correct loading.