How do Concrete batching plants work?

In a metropolis, there are high-rise buildings everywhere, and the construction of these buildings is indispensable for a mechanical system: a concrete mixing plant. The concrete mixing station is equipped with storage, batching, conveying, mixing, control and other devices for various raw materials required for the preparation of concrete, and various aggregates, adhesives, admixtures, additives, and water are passed through in a certain proportion. The mixer adopts a complete set of equipment for centralized mixing and supply of fresh concrete. The mixing system of the concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of a mixing transmission device and a mixing device.

Classification of Concrete batching plant:

Concrete batching plant is divided into concrete batching plant and concrete mixer truck according to the position of the aggregate silo and material weighing scale.

In the concrete production process, the aggregate batching metering device directly above the mixing host is called the concrete mixing plant; in the concrete production process, the aggregate batching metering device below the mixing host is called the concrete batching plant.

The concrete batching plant mixing system mixes the measured sand, cement, water, admixtures and other raw materials evenly in the mixer to form a finished concrete with a specified strength.

The aggregate batching system is an aggregate flow device with modular design that integrates the functions of sand and stone storage, metering, and batching output.

Aggregate lifting system In a narrow construction site, the aggregate is transported to the storage device of the concrete mixing station. The aggregate lifting system in the form of a lifting bucket is the most suitable lifting equipment.

Concrete batching plant

The belt conveyor has the advantages of large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, high efficiency, low failure rate and convenient layout.

The material metering system is a key component that affects the quality of concrete and the cost of concrete production. It includes three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing.

The main building frame of the concrete batching plant is a steel structure, and from top to bottom are composed of the roof, stairs and fences, metering layer, mixing layer, outriggers, and hoppers.

The roof of the Concrete batching plant is used to support the frame of packaging materials; stairs and fences are the aisles for managers to enter the mixing layer or metering layer for related operations; the metering layer is to support cement, admixtures, liquid additives and water metering systems and The floor where the aggregate is waiting for the hopper; the mixing floor is the floor supporting the mixer and related institutions; the lower part of the mixing floor is the passage for the mixer truck to enter and exit. After the main building frame and other internal mechanisms are installed, the outside of the frame is packaged with color steel sandwich panels from the mixing layer, which looks beautiful and can be cold and heat-insulated.

The air control system includes air compressors, air storage tanks, air supply pipelines and air-water separators, oil mist devices, pressure reducing valves and other air circuit accessories.

It is used to provide compressed air to the cylinder and the arch breaking device of the lower cone of the powder silo to perform the switching action of the mixer discharge door, the bottom door of the aggregate storage silo, the metering hopper discharge door or butterfly valve, the halfway bucket bottom door and other devices.

How do Concrete batching plants work?
How do Concrete batching plants work?