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How to solve the problem of concrete mixer truck mixer for home users?

How to solve the problem of concrete mixer truck mixer for home users?

Concrete mixer truck
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Concrete mixer truck is composed of automobile chassis, mixing drum, transmission system, water supply device, full-power power take-off, front and rear brackets of mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, feeding and discharging system, control mechanism and other parts.

concrete mixer truck for home user
The working principle of the concrete mixer truck: Take out the power of the car chassis through the power take-off device, and drive the variable pump of the hydraulic system, convert the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and transmit it to the fixed motor, then the motor drives the reducer, and the reducer drives the mixing device. The concrete is mixed. For home users, the reasons and solutions for the concrete mixer truck can’t rotate are as follows:

1. The reason why the concrete mixer truck can't rotate may be that the concrete is jammed during transportation, so there is no problem with cleaning.
2. Treatment of hydraulic system or engine failure of Concrete mixer truck:
1) Open the inspection hole cover of the concrete mixer truck mixing drum, loosen the pipe joint of the high-pressure hose on the motor, rotate the mixing drum so that the inspection hole of the mixing drum is inclined downward, and discharge the concrete from the inspection hole of the concrete mixer truck mixing drum.
2) Remove the high-pressure hose of the malfunctioning car from the motor, connect the high-pressure hose for rescue, connect the other end to the oil pump of the rescue vehicle, and connect one end of the emergency oil return pipe to the motor drain port of the malfunctioning vehicle , The other end of the oil return pipe is connected to the oil pump return port of the rescue vehicle, and the rescue vehicle is used to control the rotation of the mixing drum of the faulty vehicle to discharge the concrete.
3. If the motor fails, the handling is relatively simple. The motor of the rescue vehicle can be unloaded and installed on the failed vehicle, and then the various oil pipes can be connected, and the concrete in the mixing drum can be discharged by starting the rescue vehicle. When the concrete mixer truck malfunctions, the cause of the malfunction should be determined in time, and effective measures should be taken to discharge the concrete in the mixing drum before solving the malfunction.