How to maintain the customized Dump truck daily?

Dump truck, as a special truck that can unload by itself, will inevitably have some failures during use. If some faults can be repaired and eliminated in time, it will not only improve the work efficiency of truck drivers, but also save a lot of overhaul costs and increase the service life of the vehicle! Dump truck maintenance and repair are also closely related. If the precursor of a component damage is found in time, it can be repaired in time; some undamaged components can also be maintained during the repair process. In daily use of the car, we must handle the relationship between the two!

Dump truck

Dump truck hydraulic system maintenance
      The biggest feature of the Dump truck is that its hydraulic system can complete the lifting of the car body. If there is a problem with the hydraulic system, please solve it as soon as possible to avoid more unnecessary problems. For example, if the Dump truck is difficult to lift, it is probably caused by the following reasons: insufficient fuel in the fuel tank, serious blockage of the fuel tank filter or pipeline, a failure of the fuel pump and no fuel supply, and a blocked lift switch. , High-pressure oil pump leakage, insufficient air pressure in the outlet cylinder, poor operation of the power take-off or oil pump gear, and unclean hydraulic oil causing the distribution valve to be stuck.

Dump truck engine maintenance
     Needless to say, the engine is another core component of the Dump truck. Under normal circumstances, the engine is cleaned and maintained with a maintenance cycle of 5000km. The main cleaning items are the sludge and other deposits inside the engine. The purpose is to prevent the oil from oxidizing and thickening at high temperatures, reducing the wear of engine components, extending the life of the engine, and improving the power of the engine.

In daily use, we must remember to focus on maintenance and repair on behalf of maintenance. During use, the Dump truck should also be operated in accordance with the safety operating procedures of the Dump truck to avoid vehicle failures caused by improper operation. Reasonable use of vehicles, maintenance of vehicles and maintenance of vehicles can improve the reliability and safety of the use of Dump truck, and is also an important guarantee for the driver's own safety. In addition, the service life of the dump truck can be increased accordingly, and the economic benefits of use can be improved.

How to maintain the customized Dump truck daily?
How to maintain the customized Dump truck daily?