Various faults and solutions of water tank truck

1. Chassis engine won't catch fire

   The water tank truck engine is started by the spark plug ignited by the current of the battery. The failure of the engine to fire is probably caused by the rust of the battery or the leakage of the battery. Moisture on the spark plugs of the engine can also cause ignition failures on rainy days. Check whether the battery fluid in the battery is sufficient every two months. It is considered appropriate if the liquid level is located between the upper and lower engraved lines during observation.

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2. Water tank truck engine performance is weak

   This is likely to be caused by insufficient oil combustion and increased engine carbon deposits caused by long-term failure to replace the oil, oil filter, air filter and gasoline filter. The oil and oil filter must be replaced every five thousand kilometers, while the air filter and gasoline filter need to be replaced every ten thousand kilometers, otherwise the impurities in the air, fuel and oil will cause parts Wear and block the oil circuit, thereby affecting the normal operation of the engine.

3. Water tank truck fuel consumption has suddenly increased

   There are many reasons for the increase in fuel consumption, but the most common and easily overlooked by Water tank truck drivers is the check of tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure will not only increase driving resistance and increase fuel consumption, but also affect the service life of tires. When driving, pay more attention to whether each tire is inflated, and check the tire pressure regularly. Of course, remember not to forget the inspection of the spare tire, so as not to find out that the spare tire is out of gas when the tire is urgently needed to be replaced. When the temperature is high, the tire pressure will be higher than usual, so it is more accurate to measure the tire pressure in cold weather. The tires must be interchanged every 10,000 kilometers to avoid too much difference in the degree of front and rear wear.

  4. The water tank truck has a slight crack.

   When you find slight cracks and small wounds in the water pump, you must promptly remedy it. It is mainly used to fill the cracks of the water pump with liquid glue (this kind of glue is characterized by high transparency, can be quickly solidified by ultraviolet heating, and its strength performance is good. The air in the pump can be adjusted by a vacuum syringe similar to a needle tube mechanism, and then filled Water pump repair agent. It should be especially emphasized that the water pump repair agent can only be used for cracks and small wounds. If the water pump is found to have cracks, the water pump repair agent cannot be repaired well and the cost is not cost-effective. In case of large areas The wound must be replaced with the Water tank truck pump.

Various faults and solutions of water tank truck
Various faults and solutions of water tank truck