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What is dump truck

What is dump truck

Dump truck
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Dump truck refers to a vehicle that unloads goods by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also known as dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device.

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Dump truck cars are divided into two types: backward tipping and side tipping. The piston rod movement is controlled by the control system. Backward tipping is more common. Pushing the piston rod causes the truck to tip over, and a few have two-way tipping.
In civil engineering, Dump truck often works in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery to form a loading, transportation, and unloading production line to carry out the loading, unloading and transportation of earth, sand, and bulk materials.

The structure of the engine, chassis and cab of the Dump truck is the same as that of a general truck. The high-pressure oil of the Dump truck enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve and the oil pipe. The Dump truck engine drives the hydraulic pump through a transmission and a power take-off device. The hydraulic tilting mechanism of the carriage is composed of a fuel tank, a hydraulic pump, a distribution valve, a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a control valve, and an oil pipe. The Dump truck uses its own gravity and hydraulic control to reset.

Because the Dump truck loading compartment can automatically tip over to a certain angle for unloading, it greatly saves unloading time and labor, shortens the transportation cycle, improves production efficiency, and reduces transportation costs. It is a commonly used transportation vehicle.