Sinotruk Tips for Tipper semi-trailer selection

Tipper semi-trailer is a more common type of semi-trailer in our lives. Below, Sinotruk will introduce some techniques of Tipper semi-trailer selection in detail.
1. Tipper semi-trailer bucket carriage must be used to transport large items;
2. When the length of the Tipper semi-trailer carriage is greater than 5.4 meters, pay special attention to the height of the carriage's center of gravity and the lifting stability;
3. Special coal-carrying vehicles cannot be used to transport earth and stone. The height of the carriage of the general coal transportation vehicle is 1.6~1.9 meters. The length of this type of vehicle is designed according to light cargo. When used for transporting earth and stone, it may have poor lifting stability. In severe cases, it may cause lifting and overturning. accident;
4. Do not use Tipper semi-trailer to transport sludge, clay and other viscous goods. The structure of the bucket makes it harder to unload the viscous goods;
5. The Tipper semi-trailer for transporting iron ore powder should be declared with the manufacturer when selecting the type, and it is best to choose the iron ore powder to use the transport truckTipper semi-trailer;
6. When used for paving asphalt transportation, the lifting mechanism requires a slow-down device.
7. In addition to looking at Tipper semi-trailer products, it is also necessary to understand the manufacturer's equipment capabilities, the design of the top of the dump truck, whether the process equipment is mature, the after-sales service commitment, and the availability of accessories.
The above content introduces the tips of Tipper semi-trailer selection summarized by Sinotruk manufacturers. I hope these will be helpful to friends who want to know Tipper semi-trailer.

Sinotruk Tips for Tipper semi-trailer selection
Sinotruk Tips for Tipper semi-trailer selection