Characteristics and application of van Semi Trailer

Characteristics and application of van Semi Trailer:1) The van Semi will fit in to any size or shape of space.2) The van Semi is designed to minimize impact and its design is both efficient and compact.3) It is a single frame structure and it can be used in tandem or single frame systems.4) The van Semi provides a low cost, practical means of transportation in urban areas, including highways.5) The van Semi has a large cargo capacity and can transport an extended wheelbase vehicle (up to 40 feet).

Van Semi Trailer is refitted or manufactured separately on the chassis of van type vehicle. The body of a van Semi trailer has more parts than a normal Van Semi trailer and consists of a rear chassis, a rear body, a rear axle, and a rear wheel. The rear chassis is mounted below the rear wheels, has an extension tube and body, and is made from a lightweight steel material (V-shaped). The body is made from a fiberglass composite (V-shaped) material, with a fiberglass reinforcement at the main body area to resist the effects of road and rock debris, on which van Semi trailers are built. The frame is attached to the outer hull using rigid brackets, and the inner hull of the trailer is the frame. A van Semi is a double-decker trailer, with a third level between the two levels which can connect to a normal van or other vehicle.

Van Semi Trailer is suitable for the transportation of household appliances, textile goods, coal, sand and other building materials and chart goods. The trailer is a flexible load in terms of size and is suitable for the transport of materials such as cement, asphalt, sand, gravel, wood, metal and other building materials. The trailer is fitted with a mobile lifting rack, a single hydraulic lift and a semi-rigid trailer. The mobile lift provides a level lifting capability by lifting the container using 4 hydraulic units. The mobile lift contains 1 hydraulic unit. A semi-rigid trailer is fitted with a semi-rigid lift and is fitted with two hydraulic boxes and one hydraulic lift. The semi-rigid lift lifts the container by 4 hydraulic units. One hydraulic unit provides 4 hydraulic lifts and the other hydraulic unit is a double hydraulic unit, each providing 4 hydraulic lifts.

Van Semi Trailer has strong bearing capacity, high safety factor, reasonable design, durability and advanced manufacturing technology. The first 3D Printed parts to reach factory condition. The design allows us to improve our existing parts at a faster rate, and can be improved further with new printing technologies.The CSL-2A3 is the first 3D printed part on the market featuring a high quality strong bearing capacity bearing kit, and the first ABS bearing kit.

Van Semi Trailer adopts closed side protection design, which can effectively reduce the lateral risk and energy consumption when the vehicle is driving at high speed. The first 3D Printed parts to reach factory production. The design reduces the impact of the main elements of the vehicle. It is based on the material material composition of the car, the materials produced in the production process and the vehicle's internal structure.To provide better protection for the front end, all materials of 4 series cars need to be replaced.

The frame of van type semi-trailer is of beam through structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts straight type or gooseneck type. The first type is more efficient to move and much larger for loading and unloading, and second type is used as a load-carrying trailer. Van types are also employed in the construction of a large number of heavy construction units built of steel and brick, and for large-scale engineering, manufacturing, and manufacturing of electrical and hydraulic assemblies. They tend to carry loads up to five and a half times of the load to which they are adapted. The principal structural elements are the frame frame (horizontal support in this case) and transverse beam.