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What should I pay attention to when operating Skeleton semi-trailer

What should I pay attention to when operating Skeleton semi-trailer

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Skeleton semi-trailer is more convenient to use, convenient for loading, convenient for unloading, etc., and the operation is very simple. For this kind of vehicle operation is simple and economical and practical, we need to pay attention to some problems when we apply Skeleton semi-trailer. Although its operation is simple, everyone needs to follow the correct operation method.

Skeleton semi-trailer

1. Skeleton semi-trailer takes into account the application experience of the operator. Because the staff is usually very hard and the environment is not good, it is necessary for the vehicle to provide the operator with comfort, assisting directions, comfortable seats, and wide Sight, simple and practical buttons, many things need to be taken into consideration, and can no longer increase the driver’s fatigue and ensure the driver’s satisfaction. This is also the key to ensuring productivity.

2. In hot weather, after driving for two hours, Skeleton semi-trailer needs to stop to cool down and check the condition of the tires, but it is not allowed to pour cold water on the tires. This may cause the tires to form cracks and reduce the use of the tires. When the temperature reaches 35°C to 37°C and the car reaches a high speed of 100 kilometers per hour, it is prone to puncture accidents. In long-distance and high-speed driving, sudden acceleration and sudden braking should be avoided as much as possible. Reduce the "capacity" in the tire, aggravate tire wear and increase the instantaneous pressure, which will lead to a puncture.

3. The Skeleton semi-trailer driver must first check the vehicle before turning on the vehicle to see if the device is loose. If it is found to be adjusted properly, it will help reduce the occurrence of accidents, and it is also relative to the driver. Security. In addition, the vehicle needs a complete maintenance after a certain period of time has passed. On-time maintenance is beneficial to increase the service life of the Skeleton semi-trailer, and can also ensure the normal operation of the equipment and its safe operation.