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Tanker semi-trailer use and maintenance tips

Tanker semi-trailer use and maintenance tips

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Tanker semi-trailer use and maintenance tips:

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using Tanker semi-trailer, and do regular maintenance and maintenance.
2. Before tanker semi-trailer loading and unloading, the tank body should open the vapor recovery system (if any) or open the small cover of the manhole to prevent the tank body from being deformed due to positive and negative pressure in the tank body.
3. Before driving, check whether the connecting part of the valve and the pipeline is leaking, and tighten and replace the sealing ring or gasket if necessary.

Tanker semi-trailer
4. Before driving, check that the connecting bolts of Tanker semi-trailer tires, box body, tank body, etc. should be in a tight state.
5. The power take-off and pumping system must work when the Tanker semi-trailer is stationary, and the pump is prohibited from idling.
6. Tanker semi-trailer should clean the filter of the subsea valve and pumping system every 30 days.
7. If a steaming tank is needed, the bottom fuse bolts and the top anti-overflow probe (if any) must be removed before the steaming tank, and the manhole cover, subsea valve and discharge valve must be opened to keep the inlet and outlet unobstructed. The steaming tank Only when there is no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the tank can the inlet and outlet be closed to avoid the deformation of the tank body caused by positive and negative pressure.
8. It is not allowed to weld any part of Tanker semi-trailer tank and longitudinal beam without the guidance of our company's professionals.