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Safety precautions for the use of Tipper semi-trailer

Safety precautions for the use of Tipper semi-trailer

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The rapid development of logistics nowadays makes the requirements for vehicle transportation increasing, especially the Tipper semi-trailer, which is now widely used in the transportation industry, because the Tipper semi-trailer is often used outdoors for a long time, in order to prevent problems , So check the Tipper semi-trailer frequently. The inspection items are as follows:

Tipper semi-trailer

1. Check all components to ensure that the Tipper semi-trailer is in good condition. Check the tire pressure standard and the level of tightness of the tire screws. The wear of the brake disc depends on the lock gear arm bolts and the replacement of the arm sleeve. The wear or damage of the arm sleeve is the key root cause of the brake disc wear. Therefore, during inspection and maintenance , The pull arm sleeve should be removed first.
2. Check the traction pin. The upper and lower error of the traction pin is too large. Tipper semi-trailer will flick the tail during driving. Generally, the original error is within 5mm, which will not cause the car to flick. Flick condition.
3. The calibration vehicle must be in a flat and smooth field. A flat and smooth work field can increase the success rate and rate of calibration.
4. When the Tipper semi-trailer starter is in the hot state, never open the heat pipe radiator cover, or you will be scalded by splashing coolant or high temperature steam.