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Classification and standards of quality Dump truck

Classification and standards of quality Dump truck

Dump truck
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1. According to the shape classification, it can be divided into flat quality dump truck and pointed quality dump truck.

quality dump truck
2. According to the type of link, it can be divided into direct push tilting mechanism; connecting rod tilting mechanism.
3. Classified by purpose, it can be divided into agricultural quality dump truck, mining dump truck, garbage dump truck, coal transportation dump truck, construction machinery dump truck, sludge dump truck.
4. According to the driving mode, it can be divided into 4x2 (single axle) dump truck, 6x2 (front four rear four) dump truck, 6x4 (rear double axle) dump truck, 8x4 (front four rear eight) dump truck, double axle half dump truck Dump truck, three-axle semi-trailer dump truck.
5. According to the classification of flipping methods, it can be divided into front lift and side flip dump trucks, as well as two-way rollover quality dump trucks, which are mainly used in construction projects.

Because the quality dump truck can automatically dump at a certain angle for unloading, it greatly saves unloading time and labor, shortens the transportation cycle, improves production efficiency, and reduces transportation costs. It is a commonly used transportation vehicle.