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Dump truck manufacturers tell you the precautions for Dump truck maintenance

Dump truck manufacturers tell you the precautions for Dump truck maintenance

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Dump truck turns are usually much more complicated than other types of vehicles. Turning is a basic driving skill of Dump truck, which often brings chaos to newcomers. When turning, if you want the centrifugal force to pass through the curve quickly instead of being too close, you need to make full use of the width of the road, and make full use of the turning operation when the vehicle tends to be straight.

Dump truck

Before the turn starts, enter the curve immediately on the outside of the curve, and when the car reaches the widest curve in the middle, drive on the inside of the curve. In other words, the position of the top of the curve is close to the inside of the curve, after passing the top of the curve, turn to the outside of the curve and drive with the outside of the curve, that is, drive along the outside-in-out turning route.

Dump truck maintenance precautions:

1. In the past Dump truck maintenance, the most common maintenance item is to replace the three filters regularly. The third filter is to better protect the engine and extend the service life of the engine as much as possible. The third type of filter refers to gasoline filter, air filter and oil filter, used to filter impurities in gasoline, air and oil to prevent impurities from entering the engine.

2. People who drive dump trucks usually have some bad operating habits, which cause fatal damage to the rear dump truck engine. When driving a vehicle, the speed of the vehicle must be controlled very well. The coordination between engine gears and speed must be properly mastered and controlled. Remember not to have high-level low-speed and anti-high-speed situations.

3. When driving a dump truck, you must try to keep driving at a constant speed. Throughout the driving process, you must avoid the habit of stepping on the accelerator and brakes, and not changing lanes frequently. Generally speaking, when the Dump truck is driving at high speed, the speed control of 80 kilometers per hour is more fuel-efficient, but it is also a safer driving speed.