How to maintain quality Fence semi-trailer wipers

How to maintain quality Fence semi-trailer wipers? As a lightweight semi-trailer manufacturer, let’s take a look at how to maintain quality Fence semi-trailer wipers!

quality Fence semi-trailer

1. Prevent the wiper from dry scraping
The wiper blade of quality Fence semi-trailer is made of soft thin rubber. If there is a solid object on the windshield, dry scraping can easily cause damage to the wiper blade. The appropriate method is to clean the leaves and debris on the windshield with hands or tools, and then use the wiper after spraying water to moisten it.

If the dust on the glass is relatively thick, you can gently lift the wiper repeatedly to keep the glass from being shot. When the water reduces the dust and satisfies the humidity, use the wiper, so that the wiper blade will not be damaged.

2. Check the cleaner nozzle
On the premise of ensuring sufficient water in the glass, if the cleaner does not spray water, the water level is too low or the spray is skewed, it may be caused by the nozzle blockage. You can try to understand the blockage with a needle or a small nail yourself, and be careful not to damage the nozzle. Go to a 4S shop or repair shop.

3. Do not forget the wiper blade when washing the car
In normal car washing, when you are busy checking whether the body and seats are clean and tidy, you usually ignore the wiper blades. If possible, remind the clerk of the car wash shop to wipe the wiper strip with glass cleaner, wipe clean and then clean it with water, so that the service life of the wiper strip can be extended appropriately.
I usually clean the wiper blades myself when I have time, but you need to be careful that the cleaning agent used should not be rich in ammonia. Generally speaking, the pans and disinfectants used at home are rich in ammonia, but it is the killer that forms the hardening of the rubber strip, so car owners must remember to choose a special cleaning agent to "care" the car.

4. Timed viewing cannot be less

The way to check the quality Fence semi-trailer wiper is very simple. After spraying the water, open the wiper and pay attention to whether its movement is circulating or whether it is rumored to have a harsh "scratching" sound. If so, it means that the load of the wiper on the glass is too large, and appropriate "decompression" is required.

How to maintain quality Fence semi-trailer wipers
How to maintain quality Fence semi-trailer wipers