How to choose a high-quality Mounted crane truck

Mounted crane truck integrates hoisting and cargo transportation. It is convenient and flexible to use. More and more drivers are beginning to favor the Mounted crane truck freight industry. So how do you choose to start a Mounted crane truck?

quality Mounted crane truck

First of all, you have to clarify your needs. What do I buy the Mounted crane truck for? Only then can I decide how big a crane and how long a cargo box you want to buy. Mounted crane truck generally consists of three parts: car chassis, crane and cargo box. As for the key components, Xiao Zui will briefly talk about how to choose Mounted crane truck from these three aspects.

1. Chassis is the key
The reliability of the chassis is related to the attendance rate of the Mounted crane truck, and is more concerned with the income in our pockets, so choosing a reliable chassis is also the key to choosing a Mounted crane truck. The chassis must also match the tonnage of the crane. The trolley with a large crane has poor stability and is prone to overturning, and it can't give full play to the lifting capacity of the crane.

2. A high-quality Mounted crane truck is inseparable from a good crane
The crane is one of the key components of the Mounted crane truck, which is directly related to the lifting capacity of the Mounted crane truck. Therefore, a high-quality Mounted crane truck is inseparable from a good crane.
Mounted crane truck telescopic boom and folding boom crane each have their own advantages, mainly depending on their working environment. The advantages of the telescopic boom are that it is cheap and has a large working radius, which is more suitable for open working environments and simple vertical lifting. Generally, people buy telescopic arms more. The advantage of the folding arm is that it has high work efficiency and can be equipped with auxiliary equipment, but the price is more expensive. Folding arm Mounted crane truck is suitable for warehouse factories with small working space, and it is suitable for installing various auxiliary tools for special operations. Enterprises, warehouses, docks and other operations choose folding arms.

The tonnage of the crane mainly depends on what kind of goods you are lifting. Choose the tonnage of the crane according to your needs. It is too big and wasteful, and it is too small and powerless. It should be noted that the best lifting tonnage of the general Mounted crane truck is 70%-90% of the maximum lifting weight of the crane. When choosing, try to make the lifting weight have a certain amount of surplus, which is conducive to prolonging the life of the crane. .

The common crane layout methods are mainly center-mounted and rear-mounted, and these two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The middle-mounted type is convenient to choose the lifting position, and the rear-mounted type has better stability during the lifting process, but the biggest disadvantage is that it cannot carry over-long cargo. In general, the telescopic boom truck-mounted crane has relatively small tonnage, and most choose the mid-mounted type; the folding boom truck-mounted crane has a large lifting tonnage and requires high stability, so choose the rear-mounted type. Reliable chassis can guarantee attendance.

3. The good and bad of the cargo box is the guarantee: Mounted crane truck cargo boxes are generally slatted
The cargo boxes of Mounted crane trucks are generally slatted, and there are also flat slabs, but they are relatively rare. What everyone cares about most is the length of the cargo box. The length of the cargo box is generally based on the announcement of Mounted crane truck.

How to choose a high-quality Mounted crane truck
How to choose a high-quality Mounted crane truck