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What kind of goods can quality Fence semi-trailer pull

What kind of goods can quality Fence semi-trailer pull

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Quality Fence semi-trailer has the advantages of large loading capacity, fast transportation, convenient disassembly, wide use, and low investment cost. In recent years, it has been rapidly developed and widely used in China. Then everyone knows what quality Fence semi-trailer can pull. NS? Today, the editor will give you a brief introduction.

quality Fence semi-trailer

1. The quality Fence semi-trailer is currently the main equipment for road transportation in China. The curb weight is 1-2 tons lighter than the van semi-trailer, and the top can be hoisted without being closed. The side door is easy to open to facilitate the operation of forklifts and forklifts. Therefore, it has gradually replaced van semi-trailers in some fields, such as coal transportation and agricultural and sideline products. And other light foam cargo transportation.

2. The quality Fence semi-trailer is a relatively common type of semi-trailer. Generally, it is used for consignment and express delivery. The goods to be pulled are generally vegetables, fruits, clothes, electrical appliances, and small engineering equipment. The warehouse fence is divided into 9, 11, 13 meters long warehouse fence semi-trailer, there are two axles, three axles and single axle, we can choose according to the actual transportation needs.

3. Before driving the quality Fence semi-trailer, you need to check and maintain various parts, visually check whether the tire is out of air, check the tightness of the screws, lamps and reflective cursors at each part, and look at the barometer after launching the semi-trailer. Enough is enough and so on. Only by regular inspection and maintenance can driving safety be ensured and the personal safety of the driver can be ensured.

In general, the main use of quality Fence semi-trailer is to transport agricultural and sideline products, such as fruits, vegetables, and some daily necessities used in our lives and other types of light foam goods, which are the more common semi-trailers in our daily lives. Trailer vehicle.