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Do you know what to do if the customized Water bowser truck filter is blocked

Do you know what to do if the customized Water bowser truck filter is blocked

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The low water pressure of customized Water bowser truck may be related to the following reasons: the filter of the sprinkler is blocked for a lot of time, and the master driving the sprinkler may not pay attention to it. There are too many impurities in the dirty pool or pond, which causes the filter to be blocked. Infarction of debris, if it is not cleared in time, it is likely to cause a decrease in water volume.

customized Water bowser truck

Therefore, in this situation, you only need to remove the filter element in the filter from the customized Water bowser truck, clean it, and then it can return to normal. Here is also a reminder to riders: in the process of using the sprinkler, you should often stop cleaning the filter in time. The seal of the water pump should be aware that if the seal of the water pump of the sprinkler shows a gap, it will cause air to enter, which will cause the pressure of the water pump. not enough.

It is recommended that riders carefully check whether the water pump is leaking at work. If there is water leakage in the pump, it should be treated according to the situation: the pump casing is united and only a small crack, which can be bonded with epoxy resin. If the bearing housing hole of the water pump is too worn It can be repaired by inserting sleeve method; if the pump shaft is corroded, the spot concave can be filled with tin, and then the pump shaft can be repaired by chrome plating.

Make sure that the bearings of the customized Water bowser truck should be sensitive and noise-free; if there are pitting grooves or unevenness on the end of the pump housing inlet chamber, it can be repaired with a lathe; if the pump housing is severely cracked, the sprinkler pump must be replaced in time; in addition, if there is a rubber water seal Aging deformation or damage, weakening of the water seal spring force or serious corrosion should also be suspended in time; if the water pump exhibits a problem and cannot be handled by itself, you should contact the customized Water bowser truck manufacturer to stop the disposal in time.