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What are the installation details of Water bowser truck products

What are the installation details of Water bowser truck products

Water bowser truck
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When Water bowser truck products use rivers and ponds as water sources, pay attention to the end of the suction pipe being completely immersed in the water. In order to prevent the inhalation of stones or more sand, the end of the suction pipe is generally equipped with a filter installation. It is strictly forbidden to install the filter when absorbing water. Remove, if the water source is shallow, you need to absorb the water and dig deeper beforehand to ensure that it does not contain debris and air.

Water bowser truck products

Water bowser truck products add water diversion centrifugal water pump, you must add a certain amount of water diversion into the pump each time, after the addition, you must close the water filling port. When the self-priming water pump is used for the first time, it needs to add water diversion. Add water, and the water inlet pipe must be vacuumed. When the water inlet pipe system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum, the water can be sucked into the tank.

Water bowser truck products The water inlet pipe system must be tightly sealed, the hose must not be damaged, and the hard pipe must not have cracks, otherwise air leakage will occur, which will result in a situation where the water cannot be sucked. No matter if the sprinkler is parked before it is sucking water , Or before sprinkling, stop taking power to install the gear when parking, sprinkling matters needing attention, the position of the front sprinkler head of the sprinkler is low.

Water bowser truck products are close to the air, with high spray pressure, which can be used to wash the road surface; the rear sprinkler has a higher position (the rear sprinkler of a sprinkler is usually equipped with one on the left and right), and the sprinkler surface is wider, which can be used for road construction. The nozzle is closed before installation; when the adjustable nozzle is used for sprinkling, the sprinkling width can be adjusted according to requirements. The wider the sprinkling width, the less the middle stacking volume, and the more even the sprinkling density.