Features of Road sweeper truck

According to the initial detailed introduction of the Road sweeper truck, everyone knows that it is a new type of sweeping equipment that integrates road sweeping, waste collection and transportation. To put it simply, it can also be used as a road sweeper truck physical model for special vehicle chassis sweeping. This can sweep the road and sweep the edges of the road at one time. So what are the characteristics of the road sweeper truck product? Let us check with the preparation.

Road sweeper truck

The advantages of Road sweeper truck products are as follows:

1. Full suction dry test cleaning, all working with cyclones, blowing and suction fusion, no secondary construction site dust.
2. No brush, no water, save resources, suck away, clean the car and floor neatly.
3. Simple structure, few damaged parts, convenient application and maintenance, and simple actual operation.
4. Application maintenance cost is low.
5. The cleaning effect is very good, from tens of micrometers of smoke and dust to general small rocks, fallen leaves and other items can be effectively eliminated, the cleaning rate is above 98%, and the plain "sweeping is 10 times better than sucking once".

The above are the characteristics of Road sweeper truck products, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Features of Road sweeper truck
Features of Road sweeper truck