The difference and working principle of china Road sweeper truck and vacuum cleaner

Often customers who buy cars will ask: "What is the difference between your china Road sweeper truck, sweeper truck and vacuum cleaner? How do you look at it and feel the same?" Faced with this question, many sales staff are quite inwardly. Depressed, the three models do not seem to be very relevant from the outside, and they are all models used for road cleaning, but in fact, the three models of china Road sweeper truck, sweeper truck and vacuum cleaner not only have differences, but also The difference is not small. In response to the question just now, here is a brief answer to everyone about the difference and working principle of China Road sweeper truck, sweeper truck and vacuum cleaner truck.

quality Road sweeper truck
1. China Road sweeper truck
1. Working principle of china Road sweeper truck
The standard configuration of the road sweeper is four large sweeping brushes in the middle and a suction cup at the rear. When working, the four sweeping brushes are driven by a hydraulic motor to rotate and clean at the same time. The middle brush can clean the range, the middle brush sweeps the garbage to the front of the suction cup, and the suction cup sucks the garbage into the trash bin of the car body for storage.
In order to reduce the secondary dust pollution during the cleaning process, the road sweeper is equipped with water spray rods above the left and right sweeping pans, and spray can be used to suppress dust.
2. Applicable environment of china Road sweeper truck
Since there is no filtering system inside the garbage bin of the road sweeper, the integral dust will be discharged from the air outlet of the fan to cause secondary dust pollution. Therefore, the road sweeper is more suitable for places where the road surface is not too dusty, such as urban ring roads, airports, highways, docks, main roads, etc., such as coal mining plants, cement plants and other places where the road dust is relatively small and too thick It is not very applicable.
2. Washing and sweeping car
1. Working principle of sweeper
Sweeping vehicles are generally equipped with two central sweeping brushes and a central ultra-wide suction nozzle (built-in high-pressure water spray rod). The sweeper combines the functions of a road sweeper, a high-pressure cleaning car and a sprinkler. When the sweeper is working, the left and right sweeping brushes sweep the garbage to the range that can be swept by the suction cup, and then spray out by the high-pressure water spray rod. The high-pressure water flow can effectively wash the stubborn attachments on the road, and then suck the water and garbage into the trash can by the suction nozzle. Since the washing and sweeping truck consumes a lot of water during the operation, the water storage tank is also larger, so the washing and sweeping trucks are all modified from chassis with a wheelbase of 3800 or more.
2. Applicable environment for washing and sweeping vehicles
The sweeper has a good cleaning effect and easy maintenance. It can be used for cleaning operations such as cleaning and spraying dust on various docks, highways, squares, urban roads, airports, tunnels, and bridges.
Three, vacuum cleaner
1. Working principle of vacuum cleaner
The vacuum vehicle is equipped with a central wide suction nozzle as standard, and it can also be equipped with a sweeping brush. There are 8 filter cartridges inside the car body trash can for dust reduction. The dust can only enter and there is no secondary dust pollution. The rear is equipped with a rear spray The water rod is sprayed to moisturize the road surface.
2. Applicable environment of vacuum cleaner
Due to its good dust absorption and dust suppression effect, the vacuum truck is suitable for places with a lot of dust on the road, such as cement plants, coal mining plants, mining areas, steel plants, thermal power plants, port terminals, etc.

The difference and working principle of china Road sweeper truck and vacuum cleaner
The difference and working principle of china Road sweeper truck and vacuum cleaner