The temperature is lower. You should pay attention to these "parts" of the vehicle!

The cold winter has arrived. The winter maintenance of trucks has become a problem that our truck drivers must face. The temperature is gradually decreasing, and the temperature difference between the north and the south will gradually increase. Vehicle parts such as electric circuits, air conditioners and tires are prone to safety hazards. Come and talk to you about the maintenance methods in these locations today.
The temperature is lower. You should pay attention to these "parts" of the vehicle!
Air conditioning, cleaning and maintenance
After an autumn, the air conditioner is running at high load. In addition, when the rain is heavy in summer and the rain and frost increase in autumn, trucks often pass through some wading roads, causing some sand to be contaminated in the lower part of the air conditioner condenser. After a long time, the condenser will be rusted, thus shortening the service life of the air conditioner. .
Therefore, after entering the winter, you should do a thorough maintenance of the air conditioner. Also pay attention to the maintenance of the heater line and the fan. Due to the weather change, the hoarfrost will appear when the temperature is low. Pay special attention to whether the defrosting vent under the windshield is Normal, whether the heat is enough, if there is a problem, it should be solved at this time.
Cleaning the door glass guide
When the season is changed, there is a lot of rain. A lot of rainwater carries a lot of dust and acid and alkali substances along the glass into the guide channel. At this time, the glass lifter is weak, and the glass rises and falls slowly. Therefore, the glass channel should be cleaned in time for the season. The water guide can be used to clean the guide groove, or it can be cleaned with a professional detergent. Then, the glass is lifted up and down several times to remove the dust accumulated in the rubber strip.
Replace the oil for the autumn and winter
Therefore, when entering the winter, card friends should pay attention to the replacement of ordinary oil from summer oil to winter oil. Oil selection method: The oil is divided into 0W, 5W, 10W according to the viscosity. The smaller the number, the thinner the oil, the more suitable for autumn and winter.
Pay attention to the tires
The summer temperature is high, and many card friends are explosion-proof tires, which will reduce the tire pressure. Into the fall and winter, the temperature is reduced, should also pay attention to check the tire pressure, appropriate for the tire inflation pressure. Also check the friction of the tire surface is normal. After all, there are many weather conditions in autumn and winter, and the road surface is slippery. If the surface of the tire is seriously worn and there is not enough friction, it is very dangerous when driving. Therefore, it is necessary to check the replacement tires in time, clean up the debris on the surface of the tires, check for bulges or scratches, and replace the tires that have been repaired as many times as possible.
The battery can not be ignored
When the seasons alternate, the electrode wiring of the battery is also prone to some problems. If it is found that there is green oxide at the electrode connection, it will cause vigilance. Because this situation will cause the generator to have insufficient charge, the battery will be in a deficient state, and in serious cases, the battery will be scrapped early. When you find this, remember to rinse with boiling water, then use compressed air to dry the water, and spray a special protective agent to prevent the oxide layer from appearing again.
Ok, today's winter driving skills are introduced to everyone here, I hope to help you card friends.
Finally, I wish you all the best in the car, and go home safely and make a happy heart.
The temperature is lower. You should pay attention to these
The temperature is lower. You should pay attention to these